Tesla Nix is the alter ego of multi hyphenate, polyeurasian entertainer Nikol Kollars.

Infusing soul, hip hop, electronic and contemporary r&b, Tesla Nix has a unique cross over sound she coins “cinematic soul”

Her musical growth from years of living in Seattle brought forth albums by Strangevoices and Delesh. After catapulting to Barcelona in 2001, she was introduced to the universe of electronic house music, techno house, minimal, and an array of sub genres which brought her to collaborate with various international DJs such as Vincenzo, Mirus, Florian and Paul Lorraine. She has an ambient dub project called Sassafras with Mirus, released on his label de_st_rec

Tesla Nix was formed when she collaborated with Catalan musician-producer Josep Maria Baldomà on her first four singles, each released with self produced music videos.

A new single “Something Wicked” is anticipated for release in Autumn 2021. Something Wicked lyrics came to Tesla Nix one morning in 2018 after reading news about socioeconomics and politics in the USA. Strangely enough, the first phrase of the song is “Indeed a virus, a disease” an eerie premonition of what was to come in 2020 with the world pandemic.

Her fantasy collaborations: Missy Elliot, Massive Attack, James Blake

Tesla Nix - Something Wicked